Stop Mugging Grandma: news and reviews

  • A lengthy review Daniel Akst in the Wall Street Journal on 12 August captures some key themes of the book:
  • I apply the Campaign for the American Reader’s ‘Page 99 test‘ to the book, here (16 September).
  • Quoted in the Daily Mail, 22 August.
  • Interview with Amanda Vanstone, on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation programme Counterpoint (29 July)
  • Discussion of the book in the Prospect podcast, Behind the generation wars, with Jennie Bristow (4 July)
  • David Willetts reviews the book in the Financial Times: Intergenerational warfare: Who stole the millennials’ future? (3 July)
  • Review by Julia Rampen in Economia (12 July)
  • A mention in The Scotsman (20 June)

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